Cashless Poland Programme

You can now enter the new era of non-cash payments for FREE! Thanks to PeP as part of the Cashless Poland Programme, you can get up to 3 terminals for PLN 0 for 12 months.

Accelerate growth of your company by implementing cashless payments acceptance along with the high quality services.

What do you gain?

1. More customers - a rapidly growing number of users of non-cash forms of payment throughout Poland

2. Higher profits - terminals from PeP are a guarantee of increasing revenues. A customer paying by card or phone is not limited by physical money.

3. Security - less physical cash means more security for your company

4. Image - providing modern forms of non-cash payment is not only an ideal option for turnover, but also to improve the image. Show yourself as a future-oriented company. Be friendly and innovative.

Join the Program in a few simple steps:

- Contact us or leave your details - we will call you back

- Together with our consultant choose the best offer for you

- After confirming the agreement we will prepare your account and POS terminal

- Once you have received the POS terminal, you can start accepting transactions

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