Loyalty programs

A loyal customer is extremely valuable to any company.That’s why we give you the range of solutions that allows you to build and strengthen the relationshipt with your clients. Our loyalty programs are made to meet any expectations, regardless of the size or trade of the comapany.

Loyalty programs that are implemetned in the easiest way:

System for generating discount coupons/bonuses from the POS terminal level

You can easily define the type, scope and criteria of a given promotional or loyalty campaign  - do it yourself through the Polish ePayments Client’s Portal.

Adjust the action to your company’s needs - a discount coupon or a shopping voucher is generated after personally defined conditions of transaction are met!

The main advantages of this loyalty Program:

- ease and freedom of managing the Program,

- low cost of carrying out the action,

- possibility of creating unique solutions almost immediately, without any additional expenses - just click and define the Program,

- constant and free of charge monitoring of the results of your marketing campaign.

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